The Truth and Reality of Cryonics

The Truth and Reality of Cryonics

Modern pharmaceuticals are working days and nights to find a cure for human diseases. From cancer to tuberculosis we have found a way to cure most of the deadly diseases. But, there is a disease that we can’t get away and eventually kills us all. That disease is aging, and this disease is fatal. No one can get away from this disease. This disease comes to us all. So, why do we age? And even if we found a cure to heal this disease will it be good for us? And can we find its cure? There are companies that think (based on their studies and researches) that they can heal this disease, but it will take time in the hope that this will work these companies take 80 thousand dollars as a fee for their services and freeze the dead people. The truth and reality of cryonics will answer the biggest question.

The Finding

In order to find a cure to stop aging, we had to know why do we age? So, in most cases, we age because of our cells. A human cell can only replicate itself about 50 times before loses its ability to replicate resulting in death.

The Truth and Reality of Cryonics from the philosophical Perspective

There is less chance of cryonics to succeed than to fail. If we somehow find a way to stop aging the results may not be what you think at the first moment. Not aging means there is likely a less chance of death. But what about the resources? If someone lives forever they will need resources and imagine that at a mass level the results will be catastrophic. Maybe aging is the best way for a human to die. That guarantees the best answer or explanation of death. The truth and reality of cryonics might be troubling, but it is a fact. We might not find a way to cure aging but there are some diseases that normal people do have, to buy medicines for them at a discounted price with coupons and vouchers click here.

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